Dieabolik The Monster - ASHES


The Gasoline is poured. One match lit, and the fire rises. What remains after the conflagration? Ashes. The perpetrator stands alone amidst the embers, at the place where the street and the cemetery meet. An audio arsonist who is more Monster than man, Dieabolik the Monster. A creature articulating his evil intentions in the brand-new 12 track LP "Ashes", unleashing it on the world on [release date] like an urn of upended cremains. This is not an album for the weak. This one is for The Wicked. Expect hard beats, raw raps and punchlines sharp enough to rock your skull like a full-force closed fist. If you're brave enough head over to RAZAKELSTORE.COM and lock in your Pre-Order. The time has come once again for Shrunken Head Entertainment to let The Underground's best kept secret out to play. Who does and does not survive the night of fire and knives is frankly none of our business.