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Razakel & Lyssa Cer - The Manson Theory CD


Razakel & Lyssa Cer are The Manson Theory, with their self titled debut EP. Featuring the Complete SKR & KYP Rosters, Daniel Jordan, and the biggest underground female collaboration in history! Presented to you by SKR, KYP & THESICKBEATS.COM

2.The Manson Theory ft Daniel Jordan & Stitch Mouth (Produced by SickTanicK)
3.She Wolf Part 2 (produced by Le Chum)
4.Spell On You (produced by Komatose)
5.Shut It Down (produced by Malphas Prophecy)
6.Bordello Of Hell (produced by SickTanicK)
7.Doll House Part 2 (produced by Stitch Mouth)
8.Too Sick Serial Killer (Produced by C4)
9.Murderess Row ft Lyssa Cer, Deniz, Wednesday Night, Kilo Crackroxxx, Ms Lector, Murda Queen, Molly Gruesome, Ruby, Lil V, Miss Kisa & Razakel
10.Real Family ft SKR & KYP (produced by SickTanicK)