All year long whispers sweep like anxious wind across the bustling cities, to the sleepiest towns...
Nationwide rumors of a devastating threat gestating in dark places...
Now, heralded by the Harvest Moon, abominable forms burrow up from The Underground to swarm the city of New Haven, Indiana...
The Night of the Shrunken Heads has begun!

October 2nd and 3rd at the legendary Carl's Tavern, Shrunken Head Entertainment proudly presents the 3rd Annual Night of The Shrunken Heads Festival! A two day, celebratory showcase of debauchery and diversity celebrating in Underground Entertainment! Not only is this the only place for you to see the entire SHE roster perform under one roof, but we're also bringing a host of known and notorious names ready to exhaust your brain until your whole head shrivels on the spot! Purchases of 2 Day Passes grants you access to over 20 performances PLUS a Shrunken Head Entertainment Mixtape CD that doubles as your TICKET to the SHOW! This Collector's Edition CD also features alternative X-rated Artwork not found on the digital release! YES, FOR REAL! PREPARE TO GET YO HEAD SHRUNK BITCH!!!!

Flyer art by Justin Murphy AKA [NAME_WITHHELD]