Razakel - Madness & Despair CD

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After a very successful run of "Murder Potion" Razakel is back with 20 tracks of pure madness & despair, promised to be a Instant underground classic! Featuring Mental Ward, Scum & More!

1.Madness & Despair
2.The Wicked Bxtch Is Back
3.Laughter Of The Dead
4.Night Of Mordum feat Scum & Mental Ward (Produced By JP Tha Hustler)
5.God Is Imaginary
6.Late Night Visit feat Two Clipz & Majik Duce
7.Mane Sans Delire
8.Gallery Of Grotesque feat Bloodshot & Con-Crete
10.Formula 86
11.In The Company Of Dead feat Bob E. Nite & Kryptik
12.2nd Half Of The Battle
14.Garbage People feat Charlie Brudos Stitch Mouth & Lyssa Cer
15.The Grotto feat SickTanicK & Phiroze
16.True Lies
17.Bxtches Aint SHIT
19.2 Reyna & Adan (Isolated Feelings)
20.Count To Six And Die