Razakel - Femicide: Re - Up CD

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n 2009 Female Artist Razakel sent a shock wave through the Wicked Underground with her most solid and most brutal release yet "Femicide". It was a Grim yet personal look into the mind of a female serial killer that stepped up expectations not only for the genre in general, but in for the Female Artist.

Now in 2010 Razakel is back with a "Re-Up" of Femicidal Madness that includes 15 brand new tracks featuring some of the most respected and established names in the underground,solo flavor, plus more.Building a even more pronounced International fan base with "Femicide"in 2009, Femicide : Re-Up is a must have for any fan of Razakel and promises once again establish her role as the Queen of the Wicked Underground.

2.The Demon You See Is Me
3.Run Bxtch Run ft Reverand Fangory
4.Formula 86 ft Neva Dead Click
5.Stomp Your Face in ft Def Killa
6.Look Into My Eyes
7.So Wicked ft Stitchez
8.Wicked Insane Beliefs ft Insane Poetry
9.God Cries ft KGP
10.Forever Damned
13.505 Anthem ft Two Clipz
14.Love Of My Knife ft Dark Half
15.Invitation To Death ft Simulation Of A Life
16.A Motherfuckin Killa
17.Outro (Muerta)