Razakel "The Music Videos Vol. 2" DVD

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Razakel is BACK with another DVD! We added from where we left off from Vol. 1 and caught up with the newest and latest visulas! This is a MUST for any die hard Razakel fan!


1. Insides
2. I Scream, U Scream feat. Tapewerm
3. Stranger Beside Me
4. Senile feat. Smallz One
5. I Mean It feat.Insane Loc
6. Voodoo Dolls & Dabs feat. Damien Quinn, S.A.W. Da Ghost, Bulletproof & The Fool
7. She's Disgusting (Lyric Video)
8. Jane Doe Intro
9. Petite Morte Intro
10. Audbile Nightmare Intro
11. Lost Ones Intro
12. Novelty Intro
13. Ambuhlance Intro
14. Finish Line Intro
15. Petite Morte
16. Pariah
17. Heroine
18. Die Bxtch feat. The Slice Girls
19. Pieces
20. Jane Doe Intro (LIVE)